Welcome to the home on the Web for Hairstrike: the 80s metal phenomenon.

It's music from a simpler time, when women were cool, and men were hot. And guitars had a lot of sustain. That's right: spandex, Aquanet, shredding guitars and shrieking vocals. This is party music, for "nothing but a good time."

set list

Hairstrike plays all the huge 80s metal hits. If you're curious what they play, you can see the current set list here.


To book Hairstrike for a live show, contact Associated Entertainment Consultants, or e-mail us directly at info@hairstrike.net.

from the fans

"I have seen many local bands play here at Abbey Tavern and most struggle with their sound. Hairstrike had their sound down to a “T”. As a regular here, I was actually getting ready to leave until I heard them at sound check. I immediately called my friends to come down and we stayed for all three sets."
--Kevin M., San Francisco, CA
"WOW, its like I was back at The Stone or Keystone Palo Alto all over again. These guys rock. Brought me right back to 1985 m/"
--Glen D., Belmont, CA